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Liven up your dead times

Did you finish your last task earlier? Great, you saved time for yourself, but do you have a plan for that extra time?

Most of us have a lots of dead time during the day, including in traffic, in the doctor’s office, while waiting for food to be delivered, when waiting for a colleague to deliver a project, and many other similar situations.
What do you do in this situation? Do you play game in your cellphone or go through social medias?
In this situation, it is very good that we can make a quick decision and have a list in advance to make the best use of these times, for example, we can do small tasks that can be done at that time, review previous tasks or projects, study, search in our field of work and read up-to-date articles, write tomorrow’s to-do list, listen to the podcasts, or somehow advance our task according to the circumstances.

Not doing some small tasks in these dead times and postponing them will fill our minds and make us less focused. By doing them, we can calm our minds and move our tasks forward.

Use time trackers to help you manage your time.

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