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Liven up your dead times

Did you finish your last task earlier? Great, you saved time for yourself, but do you have a plan for that extra time? Most of us have a lots of dead time during the day, including in traffic, in the doctor’s office, while waiting for food to be delivered, when waiting for a colleague to […]

Time Management Techniques

Make the year 15 months

We have about 4 hours of dead time per day, which if we can make only 2 hours of it useful, we will have 60 hours of extra time per month, and if we consider it in a year, we will have a month of work. If you consider sleep and working time, it’s like […]

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Transparency in carrying out projects with Pendulums

Pendulums is a time tracker app that provides data on working time as a basis for billing. It also reports on the current project, its progress, and whether people are following the project schedule or not. Pendulums reports provide transparency to customers and ensure the progress of projects. This in turn builds customer trust. On […]