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Transparency in carrying out projects with Pendulums

Pendulums is a time tracker app that provides data on working time as a basis for billing. It also reports on the current project, its progress, and whether people are following the project schedule or not. Pendulums reports provide transparency to customers and ensure the progress of projects. This in turn builds customer trust. On […]

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Review Team Performance

Evaluating team performance is one of the most important communication tools that any organization can use. Performance review benefits both employees and the team manager. Time management, providing feedback, recognizing quality performance and setting expectations for future job performance are some of the results that are possible with this measurement. On the other hand, it […]

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How workplace design can increase productivity

It does not matter if you work in the office of a company or in a room at home remotely, in both cases the conditions of your work environment can affect your productivity. It is very important to find the right environment for work, an environment that encourages you to focus on work and minimize […]