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Time tracking is not just for freelancers

It is true that the best and most important tools for calculating the salaries of people who receive salaries on an hourly basis, including freelancers, is time trackers, but these softwares can be useful for all members of society in terms of time management. Every organization includes people who make up its human capital, regardless […]

Time Management Techniques

Getting things done or in short GTD method

Getting things done or in short GTD method for better time management that provides by David Allen. This method indicates that sometimes there are things in your mind that occupy your mind much more than what matters. And they end up wasting your time, more time than what it takes. As a result, with these […]

productivity tools Time Management Techniques

Do you know how many hours you spend doing your work?

We can often guess, but our estimates are usually unacceptable. Time tracking is a management technique used to record working hours and gives us information about the time allotted for each task.Now the question is how can you track your time? To do that,technology has come to our aid.There are several softwares that can be […]