Time Management Techniques

Getting things done or in short GTD method

Getting things done or in short GTD method for better time management that provides by David Allen.

This method indicates that sometimes there are things in your mind that occupy your mind much more than what matters. And they end up wasting your time, more time than what it takes. As a result, with these 5 simple steps, you can clear your mind, make your tasks clear and prioritized, and accomplish them.

These 5 steps include the following:

  • Capture everything: take notes of what is in your mind(small or big), what has your attention.
  • Clarify: Be clear about the importance of doing that.
  • Organize: Plan, prioritize. Assign and schedule some tasks that can be outsourced.
  • Reflect: Regularly review and update your list regularly.
  • Engage: Focus on important issues and do it.

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