Time Management Techniques

“Delegation” : You can not do all the tasks alone

One of the time management techniques is delegation.
Prevent to leave tasks to others or leaving tasks to the wrong people can eventually take more time from us.

If you are going to get help typing a text from your co-worker and eventually you have to spend some time again to edit the text typed by your co-worker, this is a wrong type of delegation, you and your co-worker both spend the same time.

There are a few things to keep in mind when delegating :

  • You can not do everything alone
  • After assigning that task to the person, give the person full authority to do it completely.
  • For each job, select an expert in that field
  • Define the assigned task clearly
  • Set a time limit for doing that.
  • To achieve a better result, set standard for that task.

It’s mentioned in Eisenhower matrix that you should leave your unimportant but immediate tasks to others if possible. The GTD technique emphasizes adding something to your daily to-do list that can not be delegated.

Benefits of Delegation:

The main advantage of delegation is time management and increasing the productivity of the organization.
Another important benefit of delegating is to increase the motivation of the organization’s employees. Those who are given a job feel that their abilities have been seen and their competencies have been accepted. The same task a manager does with impatience is likely to be done with great enthusiasm by an employee, and the same motivation and enthusiasm can affect the quality of work.

But there is another important advantage to delegating authority, and that is cultivating the talents and abilities of employees. When a manager delegates his activities to his co-workers, their skills and abilities develop and he/she is gradually ready to take on higher positions.