Time Management Techniques

How much time do we waste per day?

During the day, various factors can disrupt our mental order and distract us. If we estimate our attention span averagely and multiply by 25, we might simply calculate the amount of time and expense lost as well.

According to Gloria Mark’s research at the University of California, Berkeley, it usually takes an average of 23 to 25 minutes (exactly 23 minutes and 15 seconds) per break to get the mind ready to return to normal. Many studies have confirmed these results also.

Distraction in the workplace not only wastes time, but also disrupts mental order and relaxation for a while. In other words, checking a social media account for 30 seconds not only does not involve the mind as much, but it takes about 25 minutes for the mind to be ready to back for the previous task.

An important point to remember: We are no exception. This is a misconception: No, I’m in control of myself and my time, and I only spend 5 minutes on social media, but eventually you will see that 5 minutes has become 30 minutes.

Use time trackers to help you manage your time and tools to alert you about how much you’re on email or social media.

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