Time Management Techniques

Do the critical tasks in the morning

Various studies have shown that the highest productivity of the mind is in the morning.
In the early hours of the day, the mind is more energetic and more prepared.
One of the most important meals that should not be forgotten in any way is breakfast. But eating any food should not be considered as breakfast and be carefull about its health value.
Eating breakfast is important because it improves brain function and prevents hypoglycemia. One of the most important reasons that nutritionists emphasize eating breakfast is studies that show that breakfast increases the ability to solve problems, focus more and have creative thinking in the person.

The first 3 hours of the working day are called the golden hours of work.

When we talk about increasing productivity, we do not mean to increase your to-do list tasks and work harder , but to do more important things in the morning (eat the frog). Important tasks that require a lot of focus and attention.

For example, you should not spend your time in the morning for checking your social medias and e-mail, and delaying solving work problems.
Pay attention to the time!

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