Time Management Techniques

Break down big projects

If we do not do this, we will see only a big picture in our minds that scares us from doing it.

It makes us lazy

There are several benefits of breaking down a big project and preparing a list of smaller tasks:

– Things get done faster, because the tasks are small and our mind likes to get things done sooner and get results.

– Our productivity will be increased, because by doing a big heavy project, we will be exhausted and our energy will go to the end.
But in this way our energy is distributed throughout all tasks and we can manage things better.

– We will not be lazy
When we think of a big project in our minds, we like to postponed, we get lazy to do it, but when we have small tasks on our to-do list, we have to do it sooner.

– Reduce mental confusion
In this way, our mental turmoil will be reduced and things will be more focused, because I have a lot more energy.

After completing each task, cross it out and move on to the next step.
Researches has shown that this makes you feel good psychologically and increases your motivation to keep working.