Time Management Techniques

1-3-5 Rule in Time Management

This method is one of the most widely used methods in time management.
In this way, you can list your daily or weekly schedules, do not neglect the power of writing at all, it helps to open your mind.
After writing, try to categorize into three main groups:

Pay attention to the two aspects of tasks in the division:

  • In terms of time to perform each task:
    Jobs that take more than 3 hours are usually large jobs, jobs that take 1-2 hours are average, and jobs that take 30 minutes to 1 hour are small jobs.
  • In terms of difficulty or convenience:
    Sometimes a task may take more than an hour, but it does not take much energy from you, so you can write small tasks.

Start the day with the same big task and swallow your so-called frog.
If something new came up that was not necessary, write it down in tomorrow’s list, and replace it with the less important tasks if necessary.

Use Time Tracker to be able to calculate how long each task took
One of the best time trackers available, pendulum, free and easy to use

Have you ever used this method?

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