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Better management of remote working

Remote working is not new, although it has received more attention with the Corona pandemic.

The benefits of remote working can be examined in three general ways


  • Reduce costs and time for traffic
  • Find more job opportunities
  • Less disruption in family relationships
  • The possibility of employing for the disabled people

-reduction in costs

  • Improving the productivity of employees and thus increasing the productivity of the organization
  • The possibility of hiring from different parts of the world

And from a social point of view:

  • decreasing air pollution
  • reduction of traffic
  • Increasing job opportunities in the community
  • Economic Growth

And the disadvantages of remote working:

  • Lack of trust in employees
  • Disorder in human resource management
  • Impairment in calculating the working time of employees

Do you agree that the benefits of remote working are more than the disadvantages?
There are many tools that can help organizations overcome these disadvantages
Including project-oriented time management tools that provide each user with an activity report, along with an activity chart, like Pendulums.
The Pendulums is completely free and very easy to work with
You can also take notes on each project and easily track your time on the projects as a group or individually as the task you are doing.
In addition, the Pendulums is unlimited in the number of projects and the number of users of each project and has provided the possibility of getting output from user reports.

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