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Having a good team and managing it

Having a good team is one of the most important resources of any business, which is considered as a spiritual resource.
A good team means having stuffs with knowledge and learning attitude , with experience and risk-taking, creative and ideative in a flat and equal environment where everyone has the right to comment and feel responsible for their duties.
A good team means having stuffs who, not only paying attention to their own interests but also prioritize the interests of the organization and work towards it.

The interesting thing is that good team management is not less valuable than having a good team.

Team management consists of several important parts:

  • Motivate team members
    If you have the smartest and most professional people in your team, but if he/she is not motivated, it will not have productivity. Increase team productivity by motivating team members with material and spiritual encouragement.
  • delegation of authority
    Let each person take responsibility for his own department and proceed with his/her relevant knowledge, you are the manager and supervisor.
  • Creating growth opportunities
    Provide an environment in which, with your support, people who have the opportunity to grow are nurtured and their learning power is enhanced. Usually these managers are also very popular among the team.
  • Time Management
    As a team manager, you have to use time management in terms of order and calculating the salary of individuals. These days, most people choose remote working and floating working hours. In this case, one of the most important issues is tracking people’s working time. There are several applications available for this purpose, one of the simplest and at the same time the best of these applications is Pendulums, which is unlimited and free to use.
    In this way, you will easily have the work report of the team members. And in addition to calculating salaries, you can also better identify more active people.
  • How to communicate with team members
    Allow people to talk to you directly. Be a good listener. Hold regular group and individual meetings.
  • setting goals
    Define the long-term and short-term goals of the organization clearly and divide the tasks according to the schedule and their expertise, so that both individually and as a group, to achieve the goals of the organization, all people are motivated to work.

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