Time Management Techniques

The 80/20 or Pareto principle for Time Management

The 80/20 or Pareto principle is one of the most useful and important rules for managing time and project.
The original name of Pareto is based on the name of an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, who, in his studies in Italy, concluded that 80% of the country’s real estate was owned by 20% of its population.
This principle is effective in many cases.

The 80/20 rule states that in each project, 20% of the activities lead to 80% of the remaining activities.

The most typical example is that 80% of the revenues in the business come from 20% of customers.

Are you looking for more productivity? (Definitely yes)
We all know that we need to plan for more success and higher productivity, but an exact planning.
If we want to use the 80/20 rule in our planning, prioritizing things is the first step.
Identify and prioritize 20% of the things that lead to 80% return on the rest of the program. In this prioritization, attention should be paid to the breakdown of energy levels and possible risks and outcomes for each sector.
In the meantime, there may be a possibility of outsourcing some of the work.
Use this feature to manage your time and get more efficiency. While you are not specialized in all matters, sometimes it is necessary to outsource certain activities to the specialist. In identifying activities, separate strengths and weaknesses.Reviewing and prioritizing only 20% of the activities should not neglect 80% of other activities. And if you only have 20% of your activity, you should review your planning and project.
By using this law, it also helps to manage resources.

Using this method and all other methods help us to better manage our time. In this regard using time tracker also can be very useful, such as a Pendulums.

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