Time Management Techniques

Eisenhower Matrix and Time Tracking

Eisenhower Matrix (Important — Urgent)
One of the easiest time management methods is using the Eisenhower Matrix, which is based on the importance and urgency of the tasks. And so, some activities have to be done quickly or scheduled to be postponed for once again, or completely eliminated.
This method of time management is very effective and efficient, because it helps you to spend time on your priorities and needs, if other people can also do the things you are doing, let them do those tasks,and if you are doing unnecessary tasks,you are actually wasting your time , so stop doing it.
In general, based on the Eisenhower matrix there are four states :

1) If the activities are both important and immediate, they are placed in the first priority and should be focused on them (expect events or unexpected things that happen by accident)

2) If the activities are important, but not urgent, they will be put into the next priorities and you will have to plan for them and give them time.
3)If the activities are not very important, it is better to leave it to others or to postpone it to others (sometimes it comes from others, which you have to can say no to them.)

4) If activities are unimportant and non-urgent, they should be deleted. If we look carefully at our daily activities, we will realize that these activities are not too low throughout the day. What works for ourselves, such as frequent checking of social networks, as well as others, has to be followed by power Not to say so.

Make a list for yourself, and plan your work according to your own priorities and according to the points made by Eisenhower Matrix.
I suggest using time tracker app such as Pendulums to work more precisely and track the time you spend on any activity.
Categorize activities, define each project and start tracking time on them (even with your teammate).
This way you will also realize what activities are taking your most time on the day.
You can read more about it on: Eisenhower Matrix

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