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What is necessary for every entrepreneur?

We all know many successful entrepreneurs in our lives. But we need to know that there are more entrepreneurs in the world who fail and we do not know them.
Usually only success stories are told, while in my opinion, sometimes it is good to go through the fail stories, you may ask why?
I will explain to you now.
It is true that the results and statistics may vary in different countries, but at the end they all show us that only a small number of businesses last more than 5 years and the rest either go bankrupt or are swallowed by investors.
We have read the story of the success of those businesses that succeed many times and we know, but we must go to the entrepreneurs who failed to ask them the reason of the failure and use their experience.
Entrepreneurship knowledge is acquired both academically and empirically at the time of implementation.
If I want to give a brief summary of the knowledge gained in both of these areas, I must say that every entrepreneur must have a series of skills to succeed.

for example:

-Team management:
Every entrepreneur must be able to manage his team well, which requires social knowledge and human resource knowledge.

-Time Management
Having time management skills is essential for every entrepreneur to be able to spend his time as the most important asset of every human have. Mire over calculating the working time of each employee, who often works as a freelancer, is very important to be able to identify which employees are more productive.

-Risk Management:
We all know that entrepreneurs start business and entrepreneurship in ambiguous and risky situations, but they must have the knowledge to know which decision to make in what circumstances to get the best results and
Finally, they must be able to minimize the risk of the project.

-Project Management
In the project management department, each entrepreneur should be able to determine the tasks of each employee for a specific deadline and announce specific goals to all departments. The project management process can be easily managed and controlled by the tools on the market.

-Innovation Management :
Every entrepreneur should be able to prioritize which stages of innovation management to release. Should enter the market an innovative product first to overtake competitors, or should improve the organization’s internal processes or create a new method for the business?

-Financial Management:
For the financial management department, most entrepreneurs employ experts in this field, although this is done professionally by employees, but it is necessary for every entrepreneur to have knowledge in this field to be able to control and supervise their tasks.
Should he know how much sales profit he has?
How much is the income? Control revenues and expenses and manage the project financially.

For time management, there are various tools that can help you
We suggest Pendulums
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You can get the chart of total time spent on each project in general.
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