Time Management Techniques

Make a daily to-do list and prioritize your tasks

We all have many plans to do every day
Tasks related to our job, family issues, sports, shopping and various other small and large issues.
The bad news is that we only have 24 hours a day!
But the good news is that we can have a to-do list.
A list of tasks we can perform each day, in order of necessity and importance.

This list helps to increase our productivity, makes us not forget our tasks and it helps us not to waste our time.

The point to keep in mind is that we should not list our goals and dreams in this list, this is not a wish list, it’s a to-do list.

Do not forget that put it on a place that you often look at it during the day.

To have this list, you can traditionally write it down on paper or use new applications.

to do list pendulums

The next step is to prioritize daily tasks. One of the most common prioritization methods is to use the Eisenhower table.

According to this principle, all tasks are divided into four general categories.

The first category is about things that need to be done quickly, so do it right away

The second category is related to things that need to be planned and done at the right time

The third category
There are things that we can delegate
This helps us spend our time managed.

The fourth category
Things that just waste your time and reduce your productivity.
Delete these items immediately.

So prepare a To-do list of your daily tasks with prioritization and you can also use Time Management and Time Tracker app to calculate the time of each activity.

Define and add teammates and get charts of your activity reports.
One of the best applications in this field is Pendulums, which is completely free and unlimited, you can define projects and activities, add teammates and receive charts of your activity reports.
And increase your productivity.

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